Does he like me?

Dear Sarah,
So, I’m 20 years old. I’m in college for Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement, and the end of it is 22 weeks of training. I’m half done and have 11 weeks left until graduation. I’m with 24 guys constantly – not a bad gig. Well, there’s this older guy that I talk and text with pretty consistently every day. Hes 26 and I’m 20, not that big of a deal. And he’s pretty rich.

But I can’t tell if he like’s me or not because he jokes around, A LOT. Which is pretty perfect. But, also confusing. I just want to know already if he wants a relationship or not. But I’m younger, and a girl, so I’m a little nervous to ask first, since usually guys do that part.

If he says no then the next 11 weeks might be awkward, and he’s a really good friend at this point so I don’t really want to lose that.

What would you do, Sarah Colonna?
My Initials are SC too :)

Dear SierraCopp,
Calm down about the initials, clearly that isn’t your real name and even if it was, lots of people have the initials “SC.” For instance: Steve Carrell, Shawn Copelander, Samantha Crap and Solamander Crouton. I made all the ones after Steve Carrell up because I couldn’t think of any more, but you get the idea.

You mentioned you’re in Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement. I’m not positive but I think that’s a fancy way of saying you’re going to be a cop. So-can I get your number and like a “get out of jail free three or four times” pass? Thanks.

Okay, so to the issue at hand: if this guy jokes around all the time, try speaking his language. Next time you guys have lunch, (which I assume you do, but if you don’t ever take lunch together than you already have your answer because that means he doesn’t like you), make a wacky joke in his style. Like: “I don’t know what I want-a Reuben sandwich or a relationship with you!” If he doesn’t catch on try the old stand-by “So what are you hungry for? Pizza or my pussy?” If he doesn’t grab you and take you into the holding cell or wherever it is you people train, he probably just wants the pizza.

P.S. He sounds kind of great, so if he rejects you can you give him my email address? Thanks.

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