Aspiring Comedian

I want to start off by saying I find you the most hilarious woman on tv. Chelsea is second. Sorry for grammar errors my iPod isn’t that good at fixing them. I have decided in my life to aspire to be a comedian. Every day in my high school life to try to make everyone laugh an smile. So my question is what is the best pathway to take to be comedian/ actor.

Dear Tyler,
I want to start off by saying that you have amazing taste in comedy, specifically female comedians. Maybe next time also mention that I’m pretty.

Your grammar isn’t bad, which surprises me since you are using a music listening device as a tutor. I did fix a couple of things for you so that when people read this they don’t fear for the future of America as much as I do, but there were minimal mistakes so I’m not as worried about you as I am-say-Bristol Palin’s kid.

As far as being a comedian, I say go for it if it’s truly want to do. But ONLY if it’s truly what you want because it’s a huge pain in the ass to get to a point you can make more that six dollars a week. However, if you love it, stick with it and believe in yourself; the pay off is worth it. In the mean time, maybe cut down the attempts to make your classmates laugh from every day to every other day. You probably get on their nerves.

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