Is he gay?

Dear Sarah,
I recently moved from LA and got a job offer in Boston.  I work with this guy and he’s super cute, funny and such a gentlemen. We have gone out after work for a drink with a couple of co workers and he always pays for me and I truly think he flirts with me. Two of my co-workers say he is gay but honestly I have the best gay-dar and he seems 100 percent straight! should I ask? I am 23 and he’s 24.  WWSCD?


Dear Jules,

If he only pays for your drinks and not your other co-workers’ drinks then it sounds like he’s flirting with you, which would mean he is gay (since you’re both men).  It can’t hurt to ask; just be subtle and ask him the polite way:  “how long ago was your last GIRLfriend” or “when was the last time you got a BJ from a dude?”

If it turns out he’s straight, maybe re-think the way you dress; it’s possible he’s being polite because he thinks you’re broke. Regardless, don’t piss him off and try to stay friends with him because it’s fun when people buy all of your drinks.


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