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Some reader reviews of “Life As I Blow It”

“Anyone with a sense of humor will love this”
-By Chelsea

I dare anyone who has a decent sense of humor to read this and not fall in love with her instantly. Its not just a book for laughs, its all about the struggles people go through and how bad they can be, but ultimately sticking with your dream. I found this book suprisingly sincere and sweet in places. Its intelligent and honest when you dont exspect it. Shes gone through alot of ups and down and its obvious shes learned from them and came out a better person. I think its a great testament to always following your dreams and never giving up. But its also HILARIOUSLY FUNNY!!! It kept me laughing out loud most of the time. Bottom line is that its a hilarious, honest and sincere look at her relationships and life in general. LOVE this book and her. Sarah Colonna is funny and authentic.

“Bold and surprising”
-M. Whatley

Whatever your expectations, I believe this book will take you by surprise. It did me.

Rather than just throwing a collection of funny stories together – and don’t get me wrong, there is an awesome collection of stories here — Sarah Colonna sets out in this memoir to explore and, if possible, reconcile competing aspects of her personality. The tales that illustrate this struggle begin in childhood and move to the present. There are moments that are devastatingly funny and some that are just devastating, and I don’t sense the usual memoir attempt to whitewash portions of the story or exaggerate certain aspects to make the author look good. I got the feeling I was reading the naked truth, and she does not hold back. This book is bold.

Sarah doesn’t go for easy comforts when it comes to her life choices (maybe with her soap opera choices, but who am I to say). She challenges herself in her work and love, and she insists on her right to enjoy life to the fullest.

Throughout the book you realize that, in spite of experience and even success, Sarah’s life is still a high-wire act. You can’t look away as she continues, on her terms, to figure it all out.

Oh, one more thing: this book is hilarious. Get it.

“Loved it!”

I pre-ordered the book on my Kindle. I was not disappointed. I thought the book was the perfect amount of funny and serious put together. It showed that if you work towards a goal, anything is possible. Sarah didn’t hold anything back in this book, and it kept me laughing the whole time. I can definitely relate to her growing up in the south, her love for baseball, and being a college student struggling to get by reaching for a goal. I thought the book was amazing, inspiring, hilarious, and so much more!

“Funny title for a very funny book”

Watching Chelsea Lately and After Lately I am usually laughing out loud, more than I do watching any other show on TV and Sarah Colonna has a lot to do with that. I saw Sarah had this book coming out so I ordered it. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy from Random House with their “Early Bird Read” program and I finished it a few days before the book got released.

Sarah does not disappoint since she has a way of telling her story with amazing honesty, great detail, sometimes disturbingly clear images, and that quick wit/sarcastic humor that makes her so much fun to watch on TV. There are many highlights and I don’t want to create any spoilers but just a few of my favorites include her high school love Bucky who was not the best poet, Lifetime network addiction, true reason for loving baseball, picking roommates based on scent, meeting Chelsea, perfecting her acting skills on cops, how not to wake up in Cabo, the worst way ever to become a cat owner, dating guys who keep notes (creepy), drunk buying a guy flowers, spreading ashes at Yankee Stadium, trying to juggle a relationship and get a career going, why online dating is very flawed, and her love of the movie “Arthur”…not the very crappy Russell Brand remake. I was laughing from the beginning all the way to the last page.

Between all the funny stories I also learned how much crap Sarah has gone through to get to where she is today. When they say success in the entertainment business doesn’t happen overnight,this is proof of that. Sarah was tough enough to keep striving to reach her goal when I think most people would have just given up and moved back home, also lucky for her she has a loving support system in the form of her family and the friends she has made along the way. I think this book should be required reading for anyone thinking of moving to Los Angeles to be in the entertainment industry. Thanks for the laughs. Well done, Sarah. Well Done.


It was a great book! I enjoyed it and at times could not put it down. Sarah is a great writer and was sure to make me laugh.

“Life As I Blow It”

It was brutally honest and extremely hilarious, I couldn’t put it down the entire time. It was also extremely relatable; I probably thought of five different people that I could put in place of the people in her stories. BUY THIS BOOK. You will not regret a single thing!! And see her on her book tour!!!!

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