Clutch Women

Since I’m married to a professional football player, I attend a ton of games.

Their purse regulations are tough (you can carry a small purse, no larger than 4.5×6.5 — if it’s any bigger, even the slightest, they won’t let you bring it in. Anything larger than that has to be a clear bag).

That specific size is hard to find, especially if you want anything to fit in it. So, I carried a clear purse for a while, which I quickly got tired of. Hello, privacy?

I decided to take matters into my own hands, and I came up with a line of stadium regulation sizes purses called Clutch Women.

It was important to me that these Clutches be cute, stylish, great quality, and Made in the USA — so that’s what they are. Many concert venues (as well as college stadiums) are enforcing this same policy now, so I wanted to design a purse that you could use for all of those things, as well as in your daily life.

It was also important to me to include some messaging with the purse line. As a play on the word “Clutch,” each purse is lined with notes about what makes you a “Clutch” woman: “You’re Strong,” “You’re Loyal,” “You’re Independent,” “You’re Loving,” “You’re Clutch” are words you’ll see when you open your purse.

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